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A New Era for Filmmakers in Cuba

La era digital

Repeating Islands


In “A New Era’s Filmmakers Find Their Way in Cuba,” Victoria Burnett (The New York Times) reviews the changes in the trajectory of Cuban cinema, focusing on the situation for younger directors in this digital age.

Sebastián Miló barely had enough money to put gasoline in the aged bus that ferried his crew to the set each day, let alone to pay actors a salary. But Mr. Miló, a 33-year-old Cuban filmmaker, had a Canon 5D digital camera and a story to tell. So, during one frenetic week in May 2011, he shot “Truckdriver,” a tense 25-minute film about bullying at one of the vaunted rural boarding schools where millions of Cubans used to spend part of their high school education. [. . .]

Mr. Miló is one of hundreds of Cuban filmmakers who, armed with digital technology, are laying the foundations of an independent movie industry outside the…

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Trafico de Armas en México

En México no se tiene una cultura de la lectura y civismo, pero si una hábito de la violencia, si leemos podemos reducir los crimenes

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